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Identity & Access Management

Traditionally, the only way organizations would access software was through installing it on their computing desk or via intranet. However, with advent of cloud computing, firms can now log on to applications through internet from anywhere anytime. That is because all these applications and websites are hosted on a cloud server rather than the physical server on the company site.

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Benefits of Identity & Access Management

IAM technologies can be used to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated manner. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

  Improving User Experiences.

  Enhancing Security Profiles.

  Simplifies Auditing and Reporting.

  Increases Productivity.

  Reduces IT Costs.

What Identity & Access Management Should Include​?

Identity access management systems should include all the necessary controls and tools to capture and record user login information, manage the enterprise database of user identities and manage the assignment and removal of access privileges. That means that systems used for IAM should provide a centralized directory service with oversight as well as visibility into all aspects of the company user base.

Technologies for identity access and management should simplify the user provisioning and account setup process. These systems should reduce the time it takes to complete these processes via a controlled workflow that decreases errors as well as the potential for abuse while allowing automated account fulfilment. Identity and access management system should also allow administrators to instantly view and change access rights.

These systems also need to balance the speed and automation of their processes with the control that administrators need to monitor and modify access rights. Consequently, to manage access requests, the central directory needs an access rights system that automatically matches employee job titles, business unit identifiers and locations to their relevant privilege levels.

Multiple review levels can be included as workflows to enable the proper checking of individual requests. This simplifies setting up appropriate review processes for higher-level access as well as easing reviews of existing rights to prevent privilege creep the gradual accumulation of access rights beyond what users need to do their jobs.

IAM systems should be used to provide flexibility to establish groups with specific privileges for specific roles so that access rights based on employee job functions can be uniformly assigned. The system should also provide request and approval processes for modifying privileges because employees with the same title and job location may need customized, or slightly different, access.

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