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Centroxy Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions

Managing your structured and unstructured data and accelerating business growth from your enterprise data. Optimized data warehousing solutions for your enterprise to drive results.

Centroxy has extensive experience in offering end to end comprehensive Data Warehousing solutions to our customers. Depending on your organization’s current state of data mart architecture, maturity and strategy, our Data Warehouse team evaluate and choose the appropriate tools, implement the right solutions, and ensure the availability of consistent, accurate and timely information. Analytics is a process where existing and past data is compiled with various algorithms and techniques to identify the business progress and plan future business.

As part of a company’s business intelligence solution, Data warehouse plays an integral role by collecting and processing information collected from various source that the business receives on daily basis. A strong business intelligence plan with a well designed Data warehouse will make sure that your business can take right decision for today and future.

Why you need this ?

Your business collects information from various sources which need to be visualized based upon your requirement to take necessary action. And implementing Data warehouse infrastructure will help you achieve the followings.

To provide marketing faster than the competitors we provide a range of M2M or IoT solutions – mHealth, asset tracking, fleet management, tank monitoring and more.

Data warehouse infrastructure will help you achieve the followings.

  Improved user access

  Clean Data

  All data in one location

  Future proof technology

  Retention of data history

Centroxy Business Intelligence
Centroxy Business Intelligence

Centroxy Offers

  BI strategy development
  BI and DW governance consulting
  Strategic audit
  Taxonomy implementation consulting

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