“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

Meet the minds behind Centroxy

mind behind centroxy

Centroxy is led by an experienced and competent team of professionals.

The team brings together decades of technology and consulting experience.

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We are humble yet confident, inquisitive yet disciplined. We’re hungry to learn, inspire, and drive value. We’re detail-oriented, but not perfectionists. We work hard but know how to play hard too. We love what we do, and it shows in our results.

Our flat organizational structure brings together a diverse and empowered group of experts with knowledge from various sectors across industries. 

Every individual is carefully assigned to a project based on their experience, skills and our client’s requirements in order to successfully execute each project.

Our consultants are empowered to be flexible in response to changing requirements and ensure that we are easy to do business with and are acutely aware of the potential of Centroxy’s growth. We support our people with a training and development program, which builds on technical skills and industry focus, as well as relationship and project management skills.

team work

We are an innovative, pro-active, flexible and committed with a clear focus on meeting client’s expectations. We specialize in efficient integration of engineering, risk and economics and take pride in getting the job right done in right time and have fun doing it as well as ensure successful delivery of projects for our clients.

The people at Centroxy are extremely talented, experienced and come from a wide range of backgrounds including Software Development, Quality Assurance, Human Recourse Management, Information Technology, Operations and Management.

Leadership Role

jajati badu

Jajati Badu

Founder & CEO

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