Tremendous Career


Thank you for your interest in the employment opportunities at Centroxy

Since its inception, Centroxy has strived to offer the best-in-class software consulting services to its global clients. At the core of this effort is a team of good people, driven by a spirit of commitment to quality.

Why Centroxy?

Centroxy is growing, and our growth creates a path for you. At Centroxy we count every hour. Everyday Centroxy becomes bigger and larger. The success of our clients, our people and our company is built on trust.

At Centroxy, there is no one path for everyone. The path you carve out is limited only by your own choices. We do, however, seek certain qualities like the drive, curiosity and desire to chart your own course in those who join us.

career growth

Our high-performance environment is designed to bring out the best in bright, motivated people like you. From day one, we’re committed to a framework that offers you the right experiences, learning and coaching to help you become an effective professional.

You’ll be encouraged to take bold ownership of your career goals and make the most of what’s on offer. This includes rich and varied opportunities that allow you to explore different parts of our worldwide organization and develop a valuable portfolio of skills and knowledge.

Rewards & Benefits

  • Global Experience
  • Best compensation determined by industry norms
  • Assistance with immigration and compliance  requirements
  • Reimbursement for relocation travel costs
  • Temporary accommodation for you
  • Language and intercultural training
  • Deeper personal development
  • Improved skills and expertise
  • Greater cultural awareness
  • Increased confidence in overcoming challenges
  • Enhanced creativity through exposure to new  ideas

Life at Centroxy

You will face unprecedented openness and clarity at Centroxy. In line with this, we warn you, if the adrenaline of work doesn’t rush to your head, this is probably not the place for you.


With the best

Infinite Possibilities & Future Accession

Later in life, you may want to start something of your own. There is no better place to arm yourself, to see a growing company in action and learn! Later in life, you may want to be a senior leader at a large organization. Centroxy will be that organization, and you have the opportunity today to get in early and gear up!