We help our clients by evolving their identity governance and lifecycle processes with risk-based intelligent authentication and authorization across the digital ecosystem 

Identity Governance Administration (IGA) is a policy based centralized orchestration of identity management and access control by providing capabilities to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources

With IGA, you can collect and visualize identities and entitlements across your ecosystem. You’ll know who has access to what, who approved that access, and why it was approved.

identity governance

IGA helps in automating user lifecycle processes, which in general is critical for improving operational efficiency, user experience and security posture of the enterprise, while reducing the risk and operational cost.

Our IGA capability that delivers value to key stakeholders within the enterprise is created by the comprehensive assessment and implementation of services based on a set of key program attributes that help in shaping the necessary requirements.

Identity governance provides automation capabilities for creating and managing user accounts, roles, and access rights for individual users within organizations. With IGA, organizations can easily leverage a more secure, strategic, and streamlined approach for provisioning and deprovisioning, user lifecycle management, compliance and governance, password management, access certifications, and risk insight.

The key features of an IGA program are:


  • Improve organizational security and reduce identity-related risk
  • Leverage role-based access for intelligent, visible role management
  • Streamline certification processes to comply with increasing auditor demands
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards
  • Boost operational efficiencies to empower the business to do more with less

The key considerations for an effective IGA program are:


1. Stakeholder alignment which ensures key requirements from various stakeholders are documented

2. Brake down the overall scope to multiple phases, improve time for high priority items, and ultimately allow for the delivery of incremental features/capabilities

3. Governance and organizational change management to engage with stakeholders and report on the progress of implementation of key requirements

4. Process standardization to help reduce the total cost of ownership

5. Training for operational staff, users, and help-desk personnel to drive solution adoption and operational efficiency

process standardization

Through IGA the business can manage

We help you define your IGA strategy and provide these services:


  • Automating Provisioning Around the User Lifecycle
  • Leveraging a One-Stop Shop for User Access
  • Taking Advantage of Automated Micro-Certifications
  • Reducing Access-Related Risks
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Benefits of using Centroxy’s IGA Service:


Automating Provisioning Around the User Lifecycle:

Automating provisioning should be based on the user lifecycle within each organization, starting with the user’s first relationship as an applicant or employee, and conclude when the user separates from the company. In between these events are multiple changes and access requirements that must be managed closely. 


Leveraging a One-Stop Shop for User Access:

An effective IGA strategy also requires a centralized portal to complete access requests and approvals. Providing a one-stop shop for users to request access ensures employees go through proper channels, and reinforces that proper approval and fulfillment policies are followed.

Taking Advantage of Automated Micro-Certifications:
Since the time between provisioning and a review process can be fairly lengthy, it is important to have a set of controls that can quickly identify anomalous access, especially when that access violates an important policy, such as segregation of duties or privileged access. This can be done through the use of micro-certifications.

Reducing Access-Related Risks:
IGA solutions take a proactive approach to mitigating access risks, reducing the exposure of sensitive data by limiting access, reducing overall risk in the environment.


Meeting Regulatory Compliance:

Identity Governance & Administration policies help ensure sensitive information is protected and demonstrates companies are taking action to meet regulatory compliance.


Centroxy provides state of the art, integrated, secured cyber security solutions offering Access Management Service, Privileged Access Management Service, Identity Access Management Service, Identity Governance Service, Single sign On, Multifactor Authentication, etc. using industry best practices. It includes advisory, implementation and support services with Centroxy’s certified and experienced team.

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