“Data extraction is the first step in the ETL process, which prepares data for the analysis that provides business insight”

Data Extraction is the process of obtaining data from various sources such as databases, legacy systems, online transactions, software as a service (SaaS) platforms, web pages, and more so that it can be replicated to a destination such as a data warehouse or a central repository designed to support online analytical processing (OLAP).

Data Extraction is the first step in a data ingestion process called ETL — extract, transform, and load. The goal of ETL is to prepare data for analysis or Business Intelligence (BI).

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Data Extraction Types

1.  Update notification:

The easiest way to extract data from a source system is to have that system issue a notification when a record has been changed. Most databases provide a mechanism for this so that they can support database replication (change data capture or binary logs), and many SaaS applications provide web hooks, which offer conceptually similar functionality.


2.  Incremental extraction:
Some data sources are unable to provide notification that an update has occurred, but they are able to identify which records have been modified and provide an extract of those records. During subsequent ETL steps, the data extraction code needs to identify and propagate changes. One drawback of incremental extraction is that it may not be able to detect deleted records in source data, because there’s no way to see a record that’s no longer there.


3.  Full extraction:
The first time you replicate any source you have to do a full extraction, and some data sources have no way to identify data that has been changed, so reloading a whole table may be the only way to get data from that source. Because full extraction involves high data transfer volumes, which can put a load on the network, it’s not the best option if you can avoid it.

Data Extraction Process

data extraction process

Centroxy offers an easy-to-use ETL tool to replicate data from sources to destinations; it makes the job of getting data for analysis faster, easier, and more reliable, so that businesses can get the most out of their data analysis and BI programs.

data extraction tools

Tools & technologies used by us

  • AbInitio
  • Parsehub
  • Web Scraper
  • DocParser
  • OutWitHub
  • Hevo Data
  • Import.io
  • Octoparse
  • Mozenda

Benefits of Data Extraction

  • Make informed decisions 
  • Increased Focus on high-value activities
  • Minimize error 
  • Boost productivity

Centroxy provides state of the art, integrated, secured Data Management services offering Data Warehouse Service, Data Extraction Service, Data Visualization Service, and Data Analysis Service using industry best practices. It includes advisory, implementation and support services with Centroxy’s certified and experienced team.

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